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Happy Halloween

Hello! My name is Василиса i am 13 years old. В этот лагерь я приехала из маленького города Солигалич. Я хочу рассказать вам об одном из дней, который выпал на 31 октября. On this day is some countries the holiday Halloween is celebrated.  Читать далее…. (далее…)

Let it snow!

Today we woke up and saw a wonderful white snow and it was absolutely everywhere. We had time to play snowballs and of course we tried to make snow angels. It feels like winter!  Читать далее… (далее…)

“Loloshka squad”

Today was a really great day! As you know in our Ramville happens something terrible! A CRIME! And our Agencies should solve this case. Читать далее… (далее…)

Chef detective

Hello! Меня зовут Варвара Рыжова. Я приехала из города Салигалич. Today утро началось с зарядки с нашим bodyguard Влад. После завтрака мы пошли на group time и затем, после common meeting, у нас начались lessons. Читать далее… (далее…)

The biggest crime in Ramville

28 Oct 2019


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Hello everyone!
My name is Sasha Solovyova. I am from red team. So today was our first day. It was very intense and wonderful. We arrived at the MMC in the afternoon and immediately we were greeted and welcomed by our favorite agents (counselors). Читать далее… (далее…)

"We'll miss you, MMC"

Hi guys, my name is Alex, and today me and my friends from blue team write the article. This day was something special for all of us. I am very disappointed that it was our last day in MMC. It is hard to realise that today warm-up was the last one this session. Читать далее… (далее…)

Last jaunt to Forest Camp

Hello guys! My name is Liza and I want to tell you about the last day in Forest camp and about the last Disco in our session. It’s really sad to realize, that this is my last year at MMC. This year I was a helper, and I think, it’s wonderful!  Читать далее… (далее…)

"Don't open"

Hi everyone! My name is Vanya and I’m going to tell you about today. Morning was started with rain, but it could not disturb us. After warm up we cleaned up our rooms,we did it great and got a green crown for cleanliness! Читать далее… (далее…)

Eagerness to win and to film!

Hello, dear Lords and Ladies! Today one more incredible day has passed, that’s why I’m so glad to tell you about it. At 8 o’clock, I got up and began getting ready for the day.  Читать далее… (далее…)

We are the warriors

Hello, everyone! My name is Masha, I am from blue team and today I’d like to tell you about this day. So as always it was a day full of different activities. At forge we were doing a very interesting thing-a coffee bean picture which smelt so good. Читать далее… (далее…)

Self management day

Hi! My name is Nika. One more day in MMC has gone and I’m here to tell you about it. For me MMC has always been such a place where you can try yourself in new things and get better in something you already can. Читать далее… (далее…)

Foreeeeest caaaaamp!

Hi everybody! My name is Leonid, I’m from the Yellow House and I want to tell you about our trip to the forest. Today we had an early wake up, packed our backpacks then we had a tasty breakfast and went to the railway station. Читать далее… (далее…)

From Shrek "All Star"

Hello, dear readers! One more MMC day has gone and I would like to tell you about it.
Our day started with the song from Shrek «All Star»: somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me… — and it gave us power to start the day with a smile. Читать далее…. (далее…)

Alive painting

Hello everyone! My name is Vova, I’m from Moscow and I want to tell you about the previous day. I woke up at 7 o’clock and I had good sleep at night, but the morning warm-up wasn’t until 8:20 and I didn’t know what I should to do with all this extra time, but it passed by quickly and at 8:20 we were having a warm-up. Читать далее… (далее…)

Trial of Fine Arts

Hello, my name is Masha and I am from the red house. I am really glad to be here at MMC again. Unfortunately, this is my last session here and I want it to be the best one.
Of course, today was a good day, because we had circus. In the beginning I didn`t know what to expect because it is something new and we`ve never tried it before. Читать далее… (далее…)

One big family

Hi everyone! My name is Dasha and I’m from Yellow House! Today was amazing day because it was parent’s day! We were waiting for our parents, I imagined how I can share with my mom emotions and feelings that I got here. Читать далее… (далее…)

Best Recipe in the Kingsland

Hello, everyone! Today was a wonderful day and the main theme was about food. So, the word, tongue twister and saying of the day were each about food. The tongue twister was especially hard because it was tricky and very long, but we practiced it a lot throughout the day. Читать далее… (далее…)

First forest adventure

Hello, everyone! My name is Grisha, I am from “The House of rising sun” team and today I’m gonna tell you about this day which was very special and unusual because we went to forest camp. When we woke up we heard that our counsellors shouted “FOREST CAMP” and after that we immediately go to the keep and have a very tasty breakfast. Then we had courtyard meeting and after meeting we went to “Sosnoviy Posad”. Читать далее… (далее…)

There is no strength without unity

Hello, dear readers! I am Sasha Potaskaeva from The Red House. Today the most wonderful point was that the weather finally changed to better way – it was sunny and warm! So, we had a lot of interesting activities. In our English Lesson, each house had a pre-test. The lords and ladies tried to write tests, which they attempted to pass. Читать далее…. (далее…)

What makes you laugh?

Hello everyone! My name is Kate, I’m from Moscow and I want to tell you about one day in the Kingsland. In the morning we had warm up and delicious breakfast. Читать далее… (далее…)