Very cool session

Сегодня был very cool day. С самого начала дня , мы начали наши activities. В этот день было много всего интересного и funny. Мы ходили по ярмарке (fair crazy monsters) , там мы должны были выполнять задания , за это нам давали special money. Читать далее…


Forest camp and carving pumpkins

Сегодня предпоследний день нашей session. Мы встали пораньше, поскольку мы отправились в Forest camp. Часть пути мы добирались by train, затем преодолевали оставшееся расстояние пешком. Читать далее… (далее…)

Prank day

The day was good and funny. В ММЦ каждый день такой. Тема нашего дня-pranks. Сегодня утром у нас был очень tasty breakfast. After that we did two parts of the test: listening and speaking. Читать далее… (далее…)

Day of storytelling

Hello! I’m going to tell you about our 3rd day in MMC camp. The word of the day is “storytelling”. My team had a lot of fun and positive emotions of creating a story. Читать далее… (далее…)

Interesting Day

First lesson today was workshop. In the workshop we did wood burning, it`s very interesting but I haven`t finish my work yet. After workshop we had sport, on the sport lesson we had rock-climbing. Читать далее… (далее…)

A good beginning makes a good ending

The first day на осенней смене Pumpkin Weekend один из самых interesting days. Некоторые ребята полдня ехали в bus, но это worth it. Мы заселились в наши комнаты, которые, по нашему мнению, очень уютные и просторные. Читать далее… (далее…)

The last day in MMC was really hard. So, I want to tell you about it

The morning began like everyday and we had warming-up, breakfast and our usual group time. After that we had morning meeting, it was really sad to know that it was the last day of our session. And of course, we all went to our lessons. Читать далее…


Last Trip to Forest Camp

Today we had our last Forest Camp. Fortunately, the weather was fine and we were very happy about it. Читать далее…


Last days at camp

Hello, my name is Alena and I am from the 4th team. This day was so complicated (but in a good way). Читать далее…


Our session is ending but I will come back!

Hello everyone,my name is Masha and i am from third team.
Our session is ending .That’s why yesterday we had our last perfomance and candle. Читать далее…


Clever day in MMC!

Today was a very interesting day. The last way, ERUDITION, has started. In the morning meeting we swore an oath of erudition. Then we had group time, sport, English classes and workshop as usual. Читать далее…


Creative parents day!

Today was the day of parents’ coming to MMC! I’m helper from the first team whose family was not able to visit me, so, I could observe what was happening in the camp during this Saturday. Despite the fact, that I was without my ancestors, I did not miss a single minute bored or sad and did my helper duties. Moreover, it was a great fun to meet my old MMC mates, who were in the camp today too. Читать далее…


Happiness is just 100% inspiration

Hi, guys!) My name is Egor and I’m from the 4th team. I wanna tell you, that I will remember this day most of all in three years, because it was just about having fun! Читать далее…


Day of Russian Culture


Yesterday we had forest camp. This was so exciting and facinating. As usual in the morning we woke up, pack our bags and went to the Forest. Читать далее…

Harry Potter takes Bollywood

On the 9th august started out great. We woke up cleaned our teeth and then we had breakfast. After that we had all our lessons. In our English lesson we were writing sample tests, in order to prepare for the test we will take at the end of summer camp. It was a little bit difficult but we it was a great experience for us, and another important thing that happened today were the films that we made. Читать далее…


Бомбический DAY!

Hello, everybody! My name is Masha and I’m from the first team, from helper’s team. It is my first time in MMC as a helper and I really enjoy this experiment:) And also I want to say “thank you” to everybody, who has given me an opportunity to be helper! Читать далее…


Incredible day in MMC

Hello! My name is Alena and I’m in the 4th team. Now I’m going to tell you about only one, but incredible day in MMC) Читать далее…


Our first victory

Hello everybody, my Name is Nastya and I’m from 3rd team. Yesterday, during our second group time we were playing «Starship crush on the moon». I think we all like this game because we were working in groups and it was really interesting. Читать далее…


Energetic day-off in MMC

Well, today we had a day-off and helpers from the 1st team were our counselors. By the reason that it’s my first time in MMC, I was really surprised. Читать далее…


Forest adventure

Hello, my name is Kristina, I’m from the first team and I’m sixteen years old. So, today we had our first forest camp and I really hope that everyone enjoyed it. Firstly, we had our road to Forest Camp and it was pretty. At the beginning we had to go to the railway station and take the train.  Читать далее…