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Hello everyone! My name is Artem and today I will tell you about our day.

Our day started with a late wake-up at 8:30 am. Then, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Afterward, we had our usual activities like English class, workshops, sports, and rover time. However, our rover time was a bit different today. It was a moment of relaxation and meditation where we had the chance to simply unwind and even take a nap. It was quite enjoyable!

Later on, we had a special evening activity called a photo quest. We were divided into different groups and given the task of taking photos with various people and in different locations. It was fascinating to collaborate with other participants from different groups. In the end, we managed to capture around ten photos in various places.

Once the photo quest was over, we had a snack, and then it was time to get some rest. Overall, I really liked this day, and I found all the activities quite interesting. It was a great opportunity to bond with my peers and have fun together.

Artem Sapegin, Blue rover «Astroworld»


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