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Work & Volunteering Opportunities for English Speakers


Working & Volunteering at International Youth Center, Russia

All of our programs need a team of different staff members to run them. The International Youth Center therefore has many opportunities for both volunteering and paid employees. Programs last from one weekend to three weeks long and staff can stay for multiple programs, and use any free time between programs to pursue their own personal interests while in Russia. They are welcome to stay at International Youth Center during this time. All staff will be provided with room, board and travel within Russia. You may be entitled to a stipend or salary depending on specialist skills, experience and qualifications.

Volunteer & Paid Positions

Click here for all of the job descriptions. Programs run throughout the year and we encourage you to look at the schedule to see which positions are open during each program. All employees will have their own responsibilities and busy schedules.  You might have some academic or personal interest in the country of Russia, Russian culture or history. Any level of Russian language skill is also a great advantage, and you will have the opportunity to improve it while volunteering here if you wish. The International Youth Center also currently offers some long-term positions which last for 6-24 months. Staff for these will preferably stay for one year minimum and can start in September/October or June/July.

Benefits of Volunteering & Working at IYC

Click here for details of the great benefits you can expect from working or volunteering here at the International Youth Center. We are a unique non-profit organization because we cover travel within Russia, room and board for all of our staff – paid or unpaid. We understand that the financial aspects of working abroad can deter some English-speakers, especially if you are volunteering in a country with strict visa requirements. We therefore like to provide foreign staff with incentives to volunteer with us in Nerekhta. Whether they be sharing their native knowledge of English language, teaching basketball or photographing our activities here, our staff will not have to worry about the costs or practicalities of organizing a meaningful overseas volunteering/employment position in Russia.

Further Information

For lots more details, especially about the summer volunteering opportunities often taken by gap year or university students and recent graduates, please explore the above links and browse the blog section for news in English and/or Russian. To read about the experiences of other students who have worked here in Russia, please visit our Testimony page. Visit the contact page if you have any further questions. You can also contact us on Facebook.

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