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IYC progams vary widely and suit every age, interest, and timeline. Additionally, we are happy to help groups or families organize their own personalized program using our resources and facilities.

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.The following are some of IYC’s main program directions:

  • English Language Programs — Summer programs «English Plus» that run throughout June, July and August (3 weeks) and monthly weekend «Test and Rest» programs, where students spend one day preparing for various language tests and the next day relaxing and enjoying IYC’s facilities. The goal of these programs is to give children from different countries the opportunity to share their respective cultures in a safe and fun environment. A variety of fun activities such as volleyball, basketball, arts and crafts workshops, theater performances, dance, and outdoor activities like archery always accompany the formal language classes. Our professional and talented staff, which includes Russian employees and English-speaking volunteers, make the camp a fun and exciting place, with children and parents remarking that IYC feels like a giant family. English and Russian languages are both commonly used during our summer programs.
  • Photo-Schools & Photography Projects — These workshops are designed to improve children’s photography skills in a fun and casual environment.  Children learn specific photography techniques in workshops taught by professional photographers and then practice their new skills with assistance from talented photography students. Participants are able to photograph the beauty of Nerekhta and its surrounding region and display their finished work to the community and other workshop participants through various exhibitions. IYC also offers a summer photo project for adults known as «Photo Fences.» Take a look at the new Facebook page for some of the photography projects we are running.
  • «Art Residence» Painters’ Program — These sessions are held throughout the year for painters of all ages and abilities. Participants attend painting workshops  led by local artists and practice new techniques by painting the area surrounding Nerekhta, which past participants have said is one of the most beautiful towns they have ever painted.
  • Group Getaways — This program is for children’s organizations such as choirs, theater groups, sports teams, etc. These groups come to IYC for practice, rest, and group bonding and enjoy access to all of IYC’s facilities. At the end of this program, groups may showcase their work by giving community performances. In the past, these performances have been held at unique sites throughout Nerekhta, including beautiful churches over 500 years old! Coming to IYC also offers groups the opportunity to intermingle with their international counterparts. This is a very flexible program and can be custom made to maximize its appeal for all participants.

Most of these programs share an element of community service. Children in English + camps plant trees or clean up Nerekhta’s streets and our guest artists and children’s performing groups offer free community exhibitions and performances. Besides our main program tracks, we also host smaller events for both Russians and international participants. These include:

  • “Happy Communities” Service Projects — The International Youth Center wants to impress on the next generation the importance of a strong and healthy community, and have fun while doing it! Over the past few years, IYC has engaged in community service projects that allow children to give back to their community and have fun while doing so! One such program was the “Funny Fences” project of 2010 and 2011. We hope to continue organizing similar projects in the coming years and are open to consider new ideas!
  • Winter Activities —  You haven’t experienced Russia at its finest if you haven’t  visited during the winter. IYC often hosts winter sports trips, primarily ice skating and skiing. For children, we create our own sledding hill by piling all the snow on IYC’s property into a giant mound, measuring 5 to 7 meters high. Additionally, we have a traditional Russian banya for you to warm up in after a day in the snow. Depending on your preference, your group can plan a private trip or join a larger excursion.
  • And many others! — In the past, other programs have ranged from ping pong tournaments to art workshops to bicycle trips. Please contact us with questions or for more information.

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