What we do in the shadows |

What we do in the shadows

Hi there!

My name is Lera, a 12-years old who live in Moscow, Russia. It’s my second time here in MMC and it’s a wonderful place to be. I really love this place because it’s fun-packed and a good place to make new lovely friends. I also enjoy the food and snacks served here. They are really tasty, especially the ice cream we have for snacks.

Each day comes with it own exciting experience but today was incredible. The day was really cool and interesting. We woke up and had our regular morning warm up and clean up sessions. We then had breakfast and our first group time. During this time, we learnt our expressions for the day and discussed our schedule for the day. We then had our English lesson with Miss Prilla where we had preparation on writing and listening for our final exams. After we had sports with Stas and Max during which time we played floor ball. Following sports was workshop with Polina where we did string art. In fact, I enjoyed all the lessons we had today.

We then met once again for our second group time during which we planned for our evening performance which was about a guardian who wanted to become the bravest person. It was really interesting to listen to and share our ideas. We then finally agreed on the plot and went for our lunch. After, we had nap time but I played Mafia with my friends in my room. We really had an enjoyable time together. We met once again for our group time to rehearse for our performance. It was really funny and cool. We then had our stations at options during which my friends and I went to the workshop station to prepare some costumes and decorations for our performance. We then had dinner and were set for the evening activity. It was a Shadow play and we enjoyed the performances of all teams. But I loved ours the most and we had the second place.

MMC is a really cool and lovely place to be. I really love the staff team because they are kind and loving. They are always willing to make us happy. In fact, they are just like our parents and we love them. MMC Nerekhta is the best Camp because it really helps me to improve myself.

Valeria Buksa, Green rover


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