Our final days |

Our final days

Hi everyone,

My name is Evgenia Azarova, I am 15 years old and I am from the blue team “Moonwalkers”. I really like this camp because the atmosphere is wonderful. They are a lot of friendly people here and all of rangers are kind, smiling and caring.

Today being a Wednesday was amazing day. The day started with a vibrant sky and clear clouds and I really enjoyed it. We wake up exactly 8 o’clock. We had our usual warm up with the staff team. After the warm up, we had our rover time where we exchanged thought son the previous day, and brainstormed ways to enhance any unsuccessful moments. We also discussed how we can shoot our video during the rover times and selected kids to be in charge of costumes, decorations and plots. I t was truly a fun and amazing experience. Then, we had our breakfast.

After the breakfast, we (Red and Blue team) went to the park to play a game called “Capture the flag”. It was so exciting. All of us participated in the game where the blue team was able to pull the flag of the red team and it continue still sometime. After that, we came back to the camp to continue with the rest of the activities. But one of interesting event that took place in the afternoon was a small party(bbq). I may say where we ate sausage, bread and coke and later songs together with guitar near a fire. It was really nice and I want to thank all the staff team for this event.

After the event was a disco. It was really fantastic and enjoyable. All of us including our rangers dance and had fun. I will not forget about this disco because it was our last disco for the session. I hope that, the last day ahead will be more interesting and I really like it here. I am happy!!!

Evgenia Azarova (Blue Rover, Moonwalkers)


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