Forest camp! |

Forest camp!

Hello everyone! My name is Olya, and I’m from the Red Rover. Yesterday was an amazing day. We woke up at 7:50, and everyone was getting ready to go to the forest camp. After a delicious breakfast, as usual, we had our morning rover time, during which the counselor checked our bags. We also learned the expressions of the day and chose the leader. Everyone was really excited about the upcoming forest camp. Then we had a meeting, and after that, we finally set off for the forest camp.

The journey to our fascinating natural reserve was really exciting. We had a lot of fun singing different songs and having conversations with each other. However, the most interesting part of the day began during the second meeting. Helpers, including me, prepared a lead-up activity. For me, it was quite funny and uplifting. Following that, we had our lessons. They were quite different from the usual ones, which I found surprisingly enjoyable. We also had a delicious lunch. Everyone loved the pilaf. In the evening, we gathered around the campfire to sing songs, creating a cozy and homely atmosphere. When we returned home, everyone was tired but joyful. I truly enjoyed our day at the forest camp and love each one of you who was there with me 🥰.

Olga Mikheeva, Red rover


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