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Conquer the Cosmic Markets

Hi, my name is Sonia!
I’m 12 years old. I’d like to tell you about our day.
For the breakfast l had some eggs, cereal with milk and tea. It was very tasty!
In English lesson we took speaking exam, it was so easy for me. I hope my result will be great. In the Space Lab we made nail art, l liked it very much! In sports we climbed the climbing wall, l was good at it. In the rover time we discussed evening activities, we had to start our preparation for the evening. The evening event was a business game, we had to think about our own businesses. I wanted to be the leader of the station, so we came up with our own idea.

At the stations at option we had different sports, Mafia, but I went to the Space Lab to prepare for the evening. At 18:30 we had to come to the Planetarium with our presentation. We told about our station: we created a game station with three interesting games, me and my friends were leaders. We showed our posters and certificates, after that we got an approval.

In the evening the game started! Our station was popular, so we really enjoyed it. Other teams had also really interesting ideas: chill station, quest room, different sport activities. Everybody participated and earned different certificates, tomorrow we will know the results.
So, everything was great!

Sofia Komarova, Yellow rover


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