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Helper for three days

Hello, my name is Ksusha! And I would like to tell you about my typical day at MMC. So, let’s begin!  Читать далее… (далее…)

Important day

Good day everyone! My name is Alena (Peppa Pig), I’m from Moscow. It is my first experience here. I enjoyed every day in the Kingsland, but unfortunately session is closed to the end. And today we had important day — test day. Читать далее… (далее…)

“Movies and intellectual game at MMC”

Hello dear readers. My name is Varya and I am from the green team of Witches. And now I want to tell you about this day. Читать далее… (далее…)

Shadows of our team

Hello everybody, here are Polina and Roma. We are from 2nd house that called Blue Flame Keepers. Today was very interesting day as usually in this camp. It is our favorite place in the world. We are the 5th time here and we both are from Zhukovsky. We are so happy to return to this amazing place and will tell you about this day with great pleasure. Читать далее… (далее…)

“Oldster” about MMC

Hello everyone! My name is Yaroslava. I’m not new to the MMC programme, so I know it pretty well. Despite this, each year they come up with new fun activities. This time I had a great opportunity of being a helper. It is really cool experience, but sometimes it can be a little bit challenging because of my introverted personality. During this session I`m trying to do my best and I hope that everything will be really great.  Читать далее… (далее…)

Secret of money making

Hello everyone! My name is Vasilisa, I’m from Moscow and this is my first time in MMC. I’m really happy to be here and now I want to tell you about today. In the morning as usually we did warm up with our gladiators. Читать далее… (далее…)

“Trade market” in MMC

Hello, my name is Kira, I am from the green team – the house of witches and now I want to tell you about of the most colorful day in MMC! In the morning we had usual timetable, but we did great things. Читать далее… (далее…)

Our wonderful adventure in the medieval forest

Hello!:) My name is Nastya and I’m 13 years old. Today was my FAVORITE day! Forest Camp!!! I waited it all our session. Читать далее… (далее…)

Trial of Valor

Hello everyone, my name is Oleg and I from first team. It is my third time in this camp and I really like this place. So, this year I became a helper, as I have wanted for many years. I think that this is a good opportunity to try yourself in new kind of activities. Читать далее… (далее…)

Family ties.

Hello everyone! I’m Yaroslav from yellow team and I’m 11 y.o. Today we had parents day! Everyone were waiting for them and of course we were so happy about it! Читать далее… (далее…)

Quest «Seventh Sense»

Good morning, dear readers! I am Alex and I am from the Green team – the house of witches. Another interesting day in our MMC has passed. I get up at 8 o`clock in the morning after having a good sleep, then we had a cheering warm up, as usual. Читать далее… (далее…)

They were fantastic!

Hello, today here is Nikita, I am going to tell you about the previous day. At first we had a group time. During it we were searching for ideas for our show and playing games, these games helped us to increase the team spirit. Читать далее… (далее…)

My MMC experience

I heard a lot about this camp, so naturally, I had really high expectations. When I came here, I was astonished by how good the camp really was. First of all, the staff is really supportive, ready for new ideas, creative and tries its best to entertain the participants. Читать далее… (далее…)

"Art is in everything"

Hello everyone! My name is Nastya, I’m from Moscow and this is my second time here. We are in the Kingsland and every day we have different trials. Today theme of the day is «Trial of fine art». Читать далее… (далее…)

Bad weather doesn’t matter when we are in MMC

Hello! My name is Ksusha and I am from the Green house. Today we had the 4th best day of being here in MMC. We had a usual timetable, but it was still a great day. In the morning house time we learnt a new word, saying and tongue twister of the day. Читать далее… (далее…)

"An Island of Joy"

Good morning everyone! My name is Timur and I from the blue house. We have already created our name. We are the House of Blue Flame’s Keepers.

Today was the second day of our session. Читать далее… (далее…)

A good beginning makes a good ending

Hello everyone. I am Sonia from the red house. It is our first full day in this camp. I love my team and knights (Альёна Голубева и Katie Smith) very much. I am very sad that it is my last session in my favorite camp MMC. Читать далее… (далее…)

Приветствуем всех интересующихся новостями программы “English+” 2019!

Первая половина летних программ ММЦ успешно завершена, и мы, с радостью и приятным волнением, начинаем период длительных sessions English plus 2019.
Сюжетная линия программы — один из вспомогательных элементов в изучении английского — «пропитана» средневековыми мотивами. Читать далее… (далее…)

"We don't say goodbye, but see you soon!" English Plus 2019

Our day began with a very unusual warming up, because it was not our sport instructors who performed it, but Olga, the counselor of the blue team, we danced coolly and cheered up. Читать далее… (далее…)

Forest camp

Hello, dear readers! Unfortunately, the session comes to the end. The time runs fast. But we try not to be upset and enjoy the last minutes we spend all together with our family. Yesterday, we went to the forest camp. Читать далее… (далее…)