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Test in English Plus

In the first seconds of awakening the one thing came to my mind, the realization that a long-awaited new day had begun. Today we finally wrote our tests, it was like removing the load from the shoulders, although I had absolutely no worries about FCE, because I was well prepared (thanks to Richard).  Читать далее… (далее…)


13 Aug 2018


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Good Morning! We are girls from the second team-Anya and Katya. We want you to hear about our yesterday. Our usual day consists of four lessons: group time, sports, English lesson and craftshop. After that we have a small rest – Nap time. Читать далее… (далее…)

Homely parent’s day in MMC

Hello everyone! My name is Pasha, and today I’d like to tell you my impressions and emotions after such a bright and fascinating day in the camp. Читать далее… (далее…)

English lesson

Hello! My name is Igor Lebedev. I’m in the fourth tribe.
Today was a great day. We were writing sample tests during our English lesson. It wasn’t really hard for me, but also wasn’t too simple. Читать далее… (далее…)

Scout around the forest camp

I finally came back to this amazing place, where everyone understands you and is always ready to help. I’m in love with MMC from the very first time and always wait for the next summer. Читать далее… (далее…)

Один день жизни в ММЦ

Hello everyone! Я из Жуковского. Сегодня я расскажу вам про один день жизни в ММЦ.
Спится здесь очень хорошо. День начинается с несложной зарядки, которая помогает взбодрится, далее — плотный и вкусный завтрак. После этого начинаются занятия. Читать далее… (далее…)

The course of knight

Hello. My name is Lera. It’s my sixth time in MMC. I’m really happy to being here with all my friends because it is home far from home and I can get unforgettable emotions here. Читать далее… (далее…)

Happy childhood

Hello! My name is Fred Hatsanov, and I am from the fourth team. Today we had a special event, called Social Issue Show Awards. During this event we showed our advertisements. Читать далее… (далее…)

Seventh Sense

Hey there! That’s Masha Grosheva from the third tribe and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our passed day. Читать далее… (далее…)

Helper in English Plus

Hello, my name is Ivan Voloshchenko and I am the helper from the first tribe. Today our tribe has had a challenge to become counselors. I’ve been working with the second tribe, nearly the oldest one. And that was quite funny because 10 people out of 17 were older than me. But it didn’t look like an obstacle for me and everything was cool. Читать далее… (далее…)

Incredible Day

Hello! My name is Mary Egorova and I`m trying to be a helper. Working in the first team for 5 days I understood how it is hard to perform on the stage, to write scripts or to work in one team. Читать далее… (далее…)

Terra Builder Beavers

Hello! Our names are Dasha and Polina. We are from fourth team (tribe). It’s our second time together in this camp and we really love being here. Читать далее…


Yo! Yo! Listen up! Listen! Up!

Hi, everyone!)
My name is Saveliy and I’m from the 3rd green team «Unstoppable Podorozhniks» (we’re the healers, by the way). I’m second time here and I totally understood that MMC is my second home, and I should come back each year to this great atmosphere. Читать далее.. (далее…)


Hi, my name is Kate and I am from blue tribe(2nd team is the best!). Yesterday was the 2nd full day of our session and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun; the 1st performance here and I can say we were really cool. Читать далее… (далее…)

First Helper’s experience

Hello everyone! My name is Kirill and I’m finally being helper on this session (one dream has come true). So yesterday was our very first day of the session and it was a rather exiting day because me and my teammate Lera was chosen to lead the evening event called “wild dances”. Читать далее… (далее…)

Final Session English Plus-5-2018

Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья! С некоторой грустью, но большими ожиданиями пишу, что стартовала последняя английская программа этого лета English+5-2018! Это большая трехнедельная программа, а значит больше событий, больше английского!  Читать далее… (далее…)

Test Day in English Plus

Hi everyone! My name is Sasha, this session I am here as a helper. Today was our last test day. The first and the 3 tribe were trying their best to pass all exams. Читать далее… (далее…)

Wild West Disco!

Today was a really cool day! First part of the day was as usual. But we did interesting things during each lesson. During sport we played floorball and it was cool. Читать далее…


Super Healers tribe

Hello everyone! My name is Sonya, I am from the Super Healers tribe. Yesterday everyone was in a good mood because we went to the swimming pool during stations at options. I really liked it because it was very hot outside. Читать далее… (далее…)

Our adventure in Forest Camp or how I run away from wasps

Hello! К вашим услугам Илья Афанасьев, from second tribe. I am 15 years old, and this is my third time in MMC. Today our glorious tribe elected me as a Leader of the Day. Читать далее… (далее…)