Beginning of the 6th session |

Beginning of the 6th session

My name is Sasha and I’m from the RED ROVER. Yesterday was our second day in MMC. As for me as a person who has been here seven times, this day was really nice. In the morning we had amazing warmup with funny dance at the end. As usual, during our morning rover time we learned expressions of the day and choose the leader of the day. Then we had breakfast and our lessons began. During sport time we swam in swimming pool. Together with Kofi we showed our team a small dance and they were dancing in water, so because of that, there were a lot of splashes. After sport we had workshop. Polina taught us some new “space lab” words. After that we started doing our boxes. At the third lesson we had English. I’m in Milli’s group and I was really happy about it, cause on the first day, I had a small conversation with her and I thought she was sweet. Milli told us a lot of interesting facts about her life and her country. I learnt many useful information from her story. After all lessons we had our second rover time. We played a lot of “Kofi’s games” and that was really cool and hilarious. Basically, my favorite part of the day is rover times, because we always use teamwork and doing something together. Also we thought about the name and motto for our rover. So we are not just a Red Team, we are “Bloody way”.

After lunch I wanted to watch a movie, but we had a fire drill led by professional firefighters. It was interesting, because I got into the fire engine and pressed different buttons. As Alena said my childhood dream came true. Afternoon started with our third rover time. Kofi showed us the presentation about his family, profession and future goals. He was my counselor last year and I really love that fact, because he is just amazing. After rover time we had stations at options and I went to the workshop where I could finish my box. I think, I need two more lessons to complete it to the end. Dinner was next, after which we had very energetic activity. It was the “Dance competition”, that my helper-friends and I leaded. We danced a lot and I think everyone liked it. I’m keen on dancing and I love doing and leading dance events. After the dance battle we had a short-time disco. It was fine, but I’m waiting for a bigger and longer disco. Then we had evening snack and it was time to sleep. Yesterday was a really busy day, we had lotta lessons, activities and interesting things. I tried my best and got really tired. However, it wasn’t fatigue in a bad way, it was a good one. I met my friends and already made some new ones. I’ve been here seven times, but every time is like the first. I got a lot of emotions after yesterday and I hope to get the same on the rest of the days.
Thank you everyone. CHEERS!

Mishakova Sasha, Red rover


Let me reacquaint myself; I go by Kofi, the devoted Ranger of the Red Rovers. Yesterday brought nothing less than remarkable experiences, and I’m overflowing with pride for my rovers.

The day commenced with the sun making its appearance at 8 am as usual. Following that, we engaged in our morning warmup routine. This daily ritual is an important element of our day-to-day undertakings. Collectively, we stretched and set our bodies in motion, preparing for an energetic day that lay ahead. Subsequently, we proceeded to tidy up our living rooms and had a delicious 🤤 breakfast.

We had three important lessons, and Astro athletics was the first. During this lesson, we indulged in a synchronized swimming in the pool. Given the warm weather, everyone participated in this activity. This instance underscored the significance of unity in our team.

During the Rover time which is another lesson, my rovers crafted their own team name and motto. We opted for the name «Bloody ways.» Following that, we engaged in some playtime. Two specific games, «Frog» and «Curtains,» deeply resonated with them. The enthusiasm that filled the air were infectious, and it reminded me why I love being a part of the English + program. During lunchtime and dinner, appetites were satiated with delicious and nourishing meals.

As evening descended, we had a disco event. They danced to a variety of musical melodies. All in all, the squad had an extraordinary day. My sole desire is that every red rover departs not just with enhanced English proficiency, but also with cherished recollections and enduring friendships.

With love ♥️🎸

Kofi, Ranger of the red rover


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