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Prospective International Participants

Prospective International Program Participants

Our motto here at the International Youth Center is “Earth: A Planet of People.” Recognizing that everyone benefits when people from different nationalities come together to share cultures and ideas, IYC has begun expanding its international presence and hopes to attract to Russia a more diverse group of both program participants and foreign volunteers in the coming years. We actively encourage foreign participants to attend any of our current programs, or we are happy for new ideas and to help build tailor-made programs for specific groups.

Custom Programs

The International Youth Center offers international participants the unique opportunity to design a program to fit their specific needs and desires. For example, if a group was particularly interested in exploring the Russian outdoors, we would be delighted to help them plan a trip that included hiking, camping, biking, swimming, and even berry or mushroom picking. Another option could be a Russian historical program where participants visit various cities along the Golden Ring route, such as Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, and Vladimir and learn about their importance in Russian history. Of course, the facilities at IYC will be available for participants’ use.

While programs can be as varied as our participants’ respective home towns, the International Youth Center tries to ensure that every program emphasizes the following elements:

  • Cultural Exchange

IYC places a huge emphasis on culture and the important role it plays in our lives.  Activities involving traditional Russian customs, foods, clothing, music, and art are also common occurrences at IYC. We embrace the cultures of our various participants by organizing traditional cuisine tastings, musical and theatrical performances, and watching foreign films. Our programs give Russian children the chance to learn about life in foreign countries, allow ethnic Russian children living abroad experience the culture and traditions of their parents and grandparents, and let foreign students learn first hand about the country and language they are studying.

  • Mastering a Second Language

IYC offers both Russian and English classes for all age levels and abilities. These classes are a significant component of all summer programs and are regularly offered during the rest of the year. The English lessons are taught primarily by volunteers from English speaking countries, while Russian is taught by local college students. Songs, short stories, and poems are used regularly to ensure classes remain interesting, while grammar and vocabulary are taught using a daily theme to ensure students receive a firm  language foundation. Additionally, out-of-classroom immersion helps program participants leave IYC with stronger foreign language skills than when they arrived.

  • Improving Communities 

IYC knows that strong, successful communities are necessary for the development and happiness of individuals, especially children. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of using some of our time and energy to improve our community by including an element in service in our programs. Our flagship service project is a “community beautification program” called “Funny Fences,” which includes rebuilding, repairing, and beautifying various old fences and buildings in Nerekhta. However, as with everything else, IYC makes this project fun! When participants from around the world join these events, it feels more like an international party than community service.

To get started planning your program, or if you have any questions, please fill out our Contact Form by pressing the button below.

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