Our MMC life |

Our MMC life

Hi, my name is Lizzie, I’m from blue team! Our name is Astroworld. During our two days in this camp we had lots of activities. Firstly, every day we have warm up.During them we are dancing together, it is very funny. Secondly, we have delicious breakfast. After our lessons we have special activities, the day before yesterday it was space sounds. We had to guess the name of songs that were playing. Staff team made different options of that songs. The most difficult was to guess the song which our counsellor was singing . Than we had to dance with whole team to get extra points. We had really funny dances which showed team work. Our dances were incredible! We won the first place with Red team.
The next day we had performance. Our task was to choose the paper where was written proper Holliday which we had to celebrate to cheer the sad staff member up . We’ve chosen cosmonautics day. We hadn’t got the script and our counsellors let us improvise. It was really good training for our language and acting skills. It was difficult to show the celebration but we did our best and got the first place!
Also we have wonderful helpers who helped main counsellor. They are really active, they keep us happy every day! We want to say thank you to them.

Elizaveta Saltykova, Blue rover


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