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Day off!


Robert is my name and I’m 13 years old. I live in Moscow, Russia and this is my first time of joining the English Camp at MMC. I have got a great love for this place because of the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful people I’ve met here. Each day is amazing and I would like to share the experiences for today.

It was a beautiful morning and a wonderful feeling because one of my teammates was celebrating her birthday. After breakfast, my team prepared an exciting birthday quest for our celebrant. There were six tasks for her to complete and she did them so wonderfully. For her last task we all sang a happy birthday song to congratulate and wished her well in her new age. We then played some fun games. In the afternoon, we had a wonderful activity called Astro Records where we were to participate in different activities to set records for the camp. I was really excited because I managed to set a record for jumping ropes with 145 jumps.

After this activity, we had a nap and then gathered later to play fun games in teams. After dinner, we had a movie night to end the day. I liked it because we watched it in an open space and it really seemed like a cinema. We then completed the day with the last big birthday surprise for my teammate. There was this beautiful decorated polar bear who danced with her and everyone in the camp. It was really exciting. We then ate a beautiful and delicious cake together and then went to sleep.

I like this camp a lot because it has really helped me to improve my skills in different areas. I hope to come back for another exciting session and I can’t wait to meet you.

Robert Akopov, Green rover


It is said that there’s no place like home and I have realized that MMC perfectly suits this saying. Although a foreigner, the sense of belonging that I have found here at the International Youth Camp in Nerekhta is unprecedented. My name is David Owusu-Mensah, a citizen of Ghana in the western part of the African continent. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree programme in Economics and Economic Policy at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I would like to share with you my experience for the day as a counsellor for this session.

It’s a day off today and we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. The atmosphere was charged for an exciting day because one of the kids in my team was celebrating her birthday. After breakfast, the team gathered to design a beautiful birthday card for the celebrant and also created a surprise fun quest for the birthday. My heart was warmed by the love these kids showed as they prepared to make the celebrant have fun during the quest. On completing her last quest, the team congratulated and wished her greatness in her new age and unanimously crowned her the leader for the day. After we played some fun games to enjoy ourselves.

During the afternoon, we had a thrilling activity, Astro Records. During this game kids were to set records for themselves and for the camp session. I was enthused by the zeal and effort that each kid showed to achieve something. But the most worthwhile thing is how the effort of each kid motivated others to also do something. This is really good for our world because it will help make it a better place. After the activity, we had lunch and rested for some time. Later we gathered once again to ignite our team spirit with some games and it was really fun even as we played. In fact, it was incredible to see how cooperative these kids were to complete tasks, especially with the scavenger hunt game. 

The day ended in a relaxing way with a movie. We all gathered to watch the “Wonderful Planet” and it was awesome to see how glued everyone was. The scene was so calm that one could hear if a needle was dropped. After, there was a wonderful surprise for our birthday celebrant. Here comes a beautiful bear mascot who danced and cheered us all with hilarious moves. We once again congratulated our celebrant and dined together.

In fact, MMC is the place to be and I will never forget the wonderful memories I have got here. I promise you that you will never regret for joining us during any of our sessions. See you!


Counsellor, (Green Rover, Space Travelers)


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