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Inside the Rover

My name is Andrew, I am 15 years old, but today I am Travis Scott 😅 because of our group performance.

It is my seventh or eighth time in this camp. For me it is the best place in the world‼

Every time I am very shocked by the people here, they are the most positive and energetic guys in the world, I am a social person and for me it’s like finding a treasure. I try to be friends with the whole team and give my best because it is important and interesting with such counselors and guys (teammates) ❤️

Today was our first performance and we really hoped to win, lo and behold, we won. We really tried so hard and I think I would say this not once, without counselors, we would not have been able to get so many emotions and experienced so many feelings, we love you very much). Our hopes and dreams of becoming the first came through because of teamwork and also putting in our best effortlessly.

I am expecting much better days ahead, good vibes and so much love.

Andrew Anisimov, Blue rover


Working in this noble camp(institution) is an experience I will never forget in a hurry or at all. It is indeed a great honor working here. Only amazing people come here, I mean those willing to learn new things, improve their English and ready for fantastic fun. It is a well structured to suit all needs of its wards.

My name is Dorcas Y. Adjei. I am a native of the republic of Ghana, studying in the Higher school of economics , a teacher and counsellor in MMC.

Though it was very hot the whole day, I still had a great day. You know why? That was because everything in MMC was made in favour of us all. Swimming pool, air condition and so on helped us deal with such a weather. We had our usual lessons from morning to afternoon : workshop, sports and English. In the evening, together with my team, we prepared for our first performance. As we all know, nothing good comes easy but with hardwork and teamwork, our dream worked. There was full involvement and total support from everyone. Looking at how all teams are giving in their best, I know for sure that, fun awaits us all. Hope you had a great day too! Dorcas, counsellor of the blue rover.

Dorcas Y. Adjei, ranger of the blue rover


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