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Greetings, everyone. I’m Timofey from the Red team.

I clearly understand that saying, «This day was really unique!» would seem hackneyed and a bit far-fetched. However, despite this fact, I just can’t hold back my desire to call it this way. We’ve experienced a lot, and with great pleasure, I would like to share my impressions.

I would like to start with the common meeting where I participated as a helper. I had a hilarious role as a student who escaped his exam. It fits me perfectly because I was taking an advanced (C1) level exam, although I was not frightened.

I entered the auditorium, where I was all alone, and received my working papers. Overall, I think I’ve done everything to the fullest, and to this day, I’m still intrigued by the results. The one important fact I got yesterday was that it is quite possible to achieve this level before graduating from school next year.

After that, the main evening event was «CosmoLens.» We were divided and united with people from various Rovers. To complete the task, we needed to take a tremendous number of photographs. I was amazed by the creativity of our team members. I adore this event because it unites not only members of a Rover but the whole camp.

Understanding the fact that this session might be my last one as a participant, that is why these memories will be brought back and cherished by me forever.

Timofey Serdtsev, Red rover


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