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My name is Artyom, a 13 years old who lives in Moscow. This is my fourth time here at MMC and I’m with the Green Rover. This camp is my favorite because we have kind teachers and Rangers here and the campers are friendly and lovely.

We have interesting moments everyday but today was amazing. We woke up to a warm weather and had our morning exercises, clean up and breakfast. We then met for our first group time where we discussed our expressions for the day. We continued with our English lessons and I enjoyed it so much. After we went for sports during which we had rock climbing with Stas and Max. Then we had workshop, where we did space twirler with Polina. After our lessons we had our Rover time, where we shot our clip  for the evening’s activity. We then had lunch and then naptime to relax ourselves. However, as an alternative for sleeping I joined others at the movie where we watched Avatar.

We then met again for the next group time and continue with our video shooting. We went for our snacks and then stations at options. During this time you are free to visit any station of your choice and I went for sports during which time we played volleyball. It was really awesome playing with friends, teachers and rangers together. We had dinner afterwards and heading for our evening event. During this time, we watched the video clips from all rovers and it was a great fun and I really enjoyed them. I love MMC. Thank you, rangers and teachers from MMC for always making us happy.

With love,



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