Start of our new session |

Start of our new session

Hello guys!

My name is Anya and I’m fifteen years old. I’m going to give you a talk about the second day of our Halloween season in MMC. This is my fourth time joining several camps in MMC. For this session, I’m in the red clan and our name is ‘Dusk 2 Dawn’.

As usual, our day began with warm up, at which end we had some exciting dance moves. Then we had clan time where we learnt expressions of the day, this time we had the joke of the day instead of the tongue-twister. Then we had a very nice breakfast. After breakfast we were on our usual activities. The first one was creepy training; we played floorball with Max and Ilia. The second activity was the chamber of secrets, during which we carved pumpkins. After this activity was English where we met our new teacher, David, and started preparing for our tests. We also played some funny games which I really enjoyed. The next activity that followed was clan time. During this time, we prepared and wrote the script for our evening’s performance. We needed to connect the performance to ‘Ravenwing Academy’ (this session’s territory) and our clan’s name. After, we had a very tasty lunch and a nap time. 

After nap time, we met for our second clan time, preparing for our performance. Then we went to have snacks. After was my favorite part of the day – stations at options.  We could choose one of 3 stations: English station with mafia, sport station and workshop.  Next, we had dinner and needed to finish quickly because we had to go for rehearsal. In the evening we had the special event called ‘Welcome to the Ravenwing Academy’, where we showed the story about our clans and names. After we had the first candlelight, during which time we discussed the first two days and shared our emotions. I was eagerly waiting for the results of the event and guess what, we won the first place! 

Thank you for your attention, bye.

Anya Valuikina, Red clan

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