Train hard, fight easy |

Train hard, fight easy

Hello everyone! In my opinion this day was cool and interesting. During our apartment time we played different games. It was really funny.

Also we had our usual lessons: sport, workshop and English. 

On the sport lesson we played volleyball. When we had English we were preparing for our tests (we will have them tomorrow). In the workshop we had pumpkin carving. It was really cool and our pumpkins are wonderful.

During stations at option we drew poster for our evening game. We had sport festival. There were a lot of different exercises and we tried to run as fast as we can. We supported our teammates and I hope we got a good place.

After that we had our evening snack and then went to our houses.

I really like this camp and I want to come back soon!

Also tomorrow we will have our English tests, I’m a little bit worried, but I hope that everything will be great. I wish everyone good luck!

Abramyan Vika, 12 y.o., Yaroslavl


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