Escape from Hell |

Escape from Hell

Hi! My name is Polina. I’m from Yaroslavl. It’s my first time in MMC and I’m very excited to be here. Νου ουr session coming to an end. Yesterday we had an amazing day. Firstly, I was leader of the day. I said word of the day, the saying of the day and the tongue twister of the day. Moreover, yesterday was our English test. It wasn’t difficult for me, but very interesting.

We had writing, reading, listening and speaking. After English we were on workshop and made wood burning. We made toys on X-mas. Then we watched film “Cruella”. In the evening all teams were making quest-rooms. After preparing members of each team passed these rooms. They were scary, but I really liked such event. To sum up, this day was amazing and I am happy to be in MMC.

Полина Гончарова, 16 лет, Ярославль.


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