Test in English Plus

In the first seconds of awakening the one thing came to my mind, the realization that a long-awaited new day had begun. Today we finally wrote our tests, it was like removing the load from the shoulders, although I had absolutely no worries about FCE, because I was well prepared (thanks to Richard).  Читать далее…
After that my head was as if empty, however, life and MMC gave us a new challenge – performance. Performance is exactly a kind of team work that I love the most. Thinking about ideas, writing a script and a production itself are very interesting for me and beckon me again and again. This is exactly what you want to occupy your head. Perhaps, this is the same enthusiasm and feelings that people experience during doing their favorite things. It’s wonderful!)
And then the evening came again, “lights out”, and there are already a lot of thoughts about tomorrow in my mind. I’m closing my eyes with a hope, no, with the confidence that tomorrow will be even better. And indeed, it is! 
Viktoria Rozhina, 13 y.o., Moscow


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