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MMC family

Hello! My name is Anton, I’m from yellow (4) tribe. This day was really great!
We have finished our test! For me it was easy to write it. I think I’m gonna have good result for it.  Читать далее…
About lessons, we were painting with our foot. It was really unusual and interesting. I drew two beautiful pictures with big sense(!). Also we were meditating during this crafshop lesson.
What about sports, we had handball today. I was a goalkeeper and our team won. I really enjoyed it.
Also I really enjoy dinner today! The salad was awesome.
In the evening we had floor-ball tournament. I had a lot of emotions about it. I think I played good and our yellow team won blue team, so we had third place. That is quite great result.
Speaking about evening event, we had Intellectual game. Our tribe lost it (third place again). But still it was interesting.
I liked this day. Unfortunately, it is one of our last days, I really don’t want to go home and I want to stay with big great MMC family any longer.
Anton Troitskiy, 12 y.o., Yaroslavl


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