Good Morning! We are girls from the second team-Anya and Katya. We want you to hear about our yesterday. Our usual day consists of four lessons: group time, sports, English lesson and craftshop. After that we have a small rest – Nap time. Читать далее…

Then we get ready for our evening activities on our group times. Speaking about yesterday, we participated in a special game. In this Business Game we built our city with its own stations, policemen, fake money and a keeper of cleanliness – Елена Летучая. Second team prepared four stations: lottery&rest station, radio station, board games and ”Let’s get married”. Personally, we visited “Helper Preparation Station” where we tried to do подводка for the word, saying and tongue twister of the day. Our team was very active and visited all stations. There we got certificates which will be changed for money and the richest team will win. We don’t know what team is it, so the whole camp is expecting for results. 
Екатерина Цюцюра, 15 лет, Жуковский Анна Лукашева, 15 лет, Москва


Hello! My name is Albina Yusupova and I’m the teacher here at MMC. It’s my first time at this wonderful place but I’ve grown so attached to it already that I can’t imagine myself leaving after this session.
I first heard about MMC from my friends and I had no idea what it was or even where it was situated. What was surprising to me in the beginning is that so many people knew about this place and were coming back here year after year. It turned out that it was popular through the grapevine only, which is absolutely astonishing! No additional advertisement is needed when it’s people who recommend this camp to each other. That is all that matters.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m the teacher here and I mostly teach Flyers, KET and PET students. Those children never seize to amaze me. I can see their growth in terms of English skills and communication skills day by day. They are very curious and always keen to learn more which only makes me happy to share my knowledge with them. I must say that this kind of experience is really rewarding as in return I feel their endless energy and realize that they teach me something, too.
Today was a very unusual day at MMC. We had an event called ‘Craft Market’ which took place in the evening. It was kind of a fair where kids had to offer their goods or services and adults could buy them. What is important is that the kids could feel what it is like to be businessmen and businesswomen. They ran their own business, set the price and learnt how to sell their talents. I absolutely enjoyed this evening because once again I saw how gifted and creative our children are. To me that was the kind of shopping where you don’t regret a dime spent. Emotions you get from it are priceless.
I know for sure that the rest of the session is going to be as fun and original as this day was. The only thing left is to enjoy and try to remember every bit of.

Albina Yusupova, teacher.


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  1. This is a good and promising game! We’re glad you’re having such a great time. Girls, we are proud of you!!! And we envy you a little!
    Good luck and new successes!!!
    mom, dad and brother Katya Tsyutsyura

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