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Take it easy

Today we had a chill day because there was late wake up, breakfast, sport competition and disco. We have prepared an African dance for our parents because they were watching us via zoom. After that we had a Fair where our chives and teachers prepared stations with different activities and we had to go to these stations and earned MMCllions which we could spend later on food, MMC cups and T-shirts. During nap time we relaxed with our phones. And after that we had a floorball tournament. Our team “Krasty Krab” won the first team, the red team “Fire Rangers” got the second place, the green team “Peppy Cacti” — the third place and yellow team “Fun Sun” — the forth place.

We supported our team and we’re really happy to win. In the evening we had disco in 80s-90s style. Our helpers showed us in the afternoon meeting the example of our outfit for the disco and all of us were preparing the best costumes. Everyone had amazing costumes and decorations. If the person didn’t want to participate in disco, he/she could play cola-pong outside. It was cool entertainment. Also we played limbo. It was really interesting and funny. That’s how the day was finished. But tomorrow we are waiting for the great day. See you soon!

Alexandra Poltoropavlova and Ann Nikulshina, blue power



MMC: Are y’all ready Zamballians?
Zamballians: Yh! Yh! We are!
MMC: Here cometh Kofi — counselor to the Blue team. Let’s hear him outtttttttttttttt!!!
Zamballians: Kofi!! Kofi!! Kofi!!

Kofi: Howdy, everyone! I’m Kofi, counselor to the valuable blue “KrustyKrabs” team. For the first time I entered the MMC camp, I kinda felt ambivalent. However, when the call to “Zamballa” (campers assemble ground) was made, all feelings of apprehension were erased. Omg!! The campers, led by their respective counselors, displayed diverse talents and workmanship which was extensively thrilling to see. As the saying goes “great minds think alike”, all the campers, counselors, teachers, and staff did everything in unison, apparently connoting that true excitement, love, admiration, teamwork, and a smile come from no place other than MMC Camp!
As a counselor, I am assigned tasks all the time which I effortlessly perform together with my brilliant copartner Tanya.
Today’s activities started with our daily morning routine of checking up on the campers and making sure they’ve tidied up their rooms. This was followed up with breakfast and then power time. During power time (a special time for each team to rehearse and prepare for the day’s events) we played interesting games which were to encourage campers to speak English.
During the day, we had the greatest event. This was the Hockey Tournament. All four teams played against each other and the blue team were the crown champions. There was a huge outburst of excitement from every camper’s face, and as the other teams cheered us, Tanya and I felt gleeful.
The day’s activities ended with an African Disco. Everyone was well dressed up and ready to rock the body.

Before this, there was a Power Time to get prepared for our “Discoteka”. We went to the workshop and our wonderful workshop star, Polina, painted flags of African countries on our cheeks. Then we went to the MMC wardrobe and styled ourselves in African costumes amid discussions about African Disco.
Campers from the blue team were exceptional during the dancing time. Other teams also did great during the event with a display of nice costumes and colors.

After the end of the evening’s performance, we had a last call of Zambella and everyone here was full of joy. We said goodnight to each other and went to bed.


Chief — Blue Team “KrustyKrab”


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