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Teacher’s article

Hello, everybody! My name is Olya. This session I came here as an English teacher. I have a long history with MMC, for me it is my second home. My story with this place started from 2012, when I first came here as a participant and fell in love with the atmosphere of the camp, with English, improved my level a lot, enjoyed speaking with foreigners, made friends, and since then returned to this place every summer, winter, autumn till 18 years old. When I was 16, I became one of the first helpers here, led radio station, created my own stations, helped to lead performances. MMC defined my principles in life, helped me to reveal myself, to become a better version of myself, to learn how to make friends. Thanks to MMC, I reached a high level of English and could realize my dream of becoming a teacher.

Concerning my background, I am getting my bachelor’s degree in YSPU (Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University),  I have finished my 4th year. My specialization is “Theory and methods of teaching Chinese and English”. For two years I have studied in China, this June defeated my thesis in Chinese, also passed successfully the International exam of Chinese, confirmed my level (HSK 5). By the way, during this session I led Chinese station twice, all children fell in love with Chinese and asked me to lead the station every day.

Concerning my teaching experience, I have been teaching already for 4 years. I have my own individual students of different ages,  I am a founder of my own girls’ community “Insta. Bridal shower”, it is a girls’ club where I combine English and aesthetics, we discuss topics that are popular among girls. Moreover, I am a teacher — blogger, I am interested in different social websites, I develop my personal brand mainly in Instagram and Telegram, create useful content for the learners of English and Chinese. What is more, I make my own online courses and materials both in English and Chinese.

Before this session I had a great desire to help the kids to learn English more efficient, to speak fluently, to stay motivated while learning a foreign language, fall in love with English. Now at the end of the session after our lessons, results of the exams, feedbacks of my students, I see, that a lot of children want to improve their level, they became highly motivated, they understand now what aspects of language they need to work on better, they found the lessons very interesting and broke down the stereotype that English is boring and that it is only all about grammar textbooks. I am sure when they return home, they will include English in their daily routine. I am so proud of all of them. In the beginning they all had their own different fears with English, but now they were able to defeat them.

Today the teachers were preparing letters for their students with the results of the final test and recommendations what steps to take next, what to do in order to write exam better next time. At this time children went to the forest camp. Being a kid, I loved hiking a lot and Forest camp as well, it has a special atmosphere. Burning sausages over the fire, singing songs and playing the guitar, doing archery, playing laser tag, breathing fresh air and just enjoying the beauty of nature….. It is a great change of scenery for a day. All children enjoyed it so much. Now I understand that I don’t want that session to be over, I got attached to all children, want to stay with them, they are all incredible!

Rybakova Olga, English teacher


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