Everybody dance now |

Everybody dance now

Hello, my name is Lera, I am from yellow team “Fun Sun”.
I want to tell you about one day at MMC. I like every lessons here, especially English. I like to study new words every day. Also it is really interesting to learn new grammar thing. It’s very nice to talk with friends and also practice English. I have to develope my stamina, brain and artist talent. Every day there are a lot of evening activities, such as performances, quiz and DISCO. Tonight we had African Theme Disco.

My team and me decided to be animals from cartoon “Madagaskar”. I was a helper of King Julian. Also we have penguins, lion Alex, Tiger Victor, Giraf Melmon, hippo Gloria, leopard Chita, navy seal Stefano. I liked the costumes of other teams too. But the costumes was the best!!! Disco was amazing. I really love the place.
It is very cool here. And I hope they it is not my last time here.

Lera Sheshina, Yellow power



Hello everyone!
My name is Oleg and I am chief of the Yellow Power – “Fun Sun”. This is my fourth session here as a counselor and I can say that it’s really exciting and interesting experience. Few years ago, I was here in the position of helper and realized that I’d like to work here, in MMC, because this place definitely brings me joy and unforgettable emotions. I think that my helper’s experience let me deal with my current position without struggles.
This campers are amazing! Very understanding, energetic and honest. I think that’s because from the first days we showed them that we are not only their guides, but also friends, who always will be close to them and ready to help at any time.
Everyday we have our usual evening activities. All children always try to take part in different types of them. For example, today we had a DISCO. This is a great opportunity to have a rest between our performances.
During our Power Time (special time when Our Group has own time), we discussed some ideas about our African Costumes DISCO. Children choose to be animals from the cartoon “Madagaskar”.
I believe that participants of the Yellow power, will enjoy this session and get brigthful memories, so we will do our best to make it true.
Stay tuned!
Oleg Trusov, Chife of the Green Team “Fun Sun”




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