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Super Citrus!

It was a beautiful day, we started our morning with a smile. After that, we went for an unusual exercise, in the form of dancing.We had a lot of fun.After that we went to breakfast, the food is very tasty here.
There is no free time here, but it’s even wonderful! You’re always busy doing something interesting. And if there is free time, then you can always spend it usefully, for example, read a book or play some game in English.
English is the most interesting lesson! here, we are taught by real native English speakers. We also made a lot of things in the workshop, this is a great place where you can make something interesting.
In the evening we had a performance scheduled, so we prepared for it with the whole squad all day! We came up with a real script and distributed the roles. Decorations and costumes were being prepared. The performance was very exciting, we were a little worried, but everything worked out!
At the end of the day, a disco was waiting for us, where we danced to the fullest. It was a magical day!
Григорян Светлана, 13 лет


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