Sounds of nature. |

Sounds of nature.

Hello dear readers, Today I will tell you about the third day in our camp.

The morning was great. I got up at 7:45 and did some morning routine. After morning music my friends and I went to the main lab, where we spend time doing a warm-up. Of course, we would like to eat tasty dishes after that and we went to the canteen, where cooks had prepared amazing food for the children. During the group time we started to play “killer. In that game you have to kill your target with a hug.

On the English lesson we played one game and did the first part of listening exam task. In the factory we made a picture from plasticine and played handball with the blue team (I am from the red team). On the stations at option I was on the English station, where we were learnt new words. Before dinner we learnt a new song with name “Somebody to someone”. In the evening we played “Sound of Nature “, where we tried to name the tune. It was a wonderful game. 

To sum up, the day was good and I really liked it!

Alex Knysh, 16 y.o.


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