First Day |

First Day

Yesterday we had a first day in mmc and really enjoyed it. 

We arrive at 15:00 and go to snack. We ate very delicious pizza that everyone really enjoys. Then we had a common meeting and a funny squad time with a lot of games.

Unfortunately the weather was really nasty: it was cooly, but in spite we had many activities.  English test, medical examination, workshop. 

Later we had dinner and after it there was a really funny game. We had a quest. Our theme of the session is “Ecological problems” and we discover the territory of our lab. We made a snowman, played many games and so on. We had a quest. We visited different locations and completed different tasks. It was incredible, gave us many emotions. 

Even though it was a rest day, it was filled with a lot emotions and I was tired but really happy at the end of it.

Alina Anisimova, 15 y.o.


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