Seventh Sense

Hey there! That’s Masha Grosheva from the third tribe and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our passed day. Читать далее…

First and foremost, I want to notice that this day was really special for our teammate Veronika, because she was a birthday girl. That’s also why the morning started with some amazing saxophone music that was played by our counselor Neks and, I guess, it was the most amazing and unforgettable morning ever.

After those congratulations we had a warming up and a little basketball competition just to awake for sure. Fortunately, our group won it and we were the first ones to go back to the houses.

Speaking about today’s activities, we had a really big amount of them. Firstly, we started shooting an advertisement clip – it’s kinda a social video of motivation and our theme is “healthy lifestyle”. Luckily, we are almost done with it despite even the fact of bad weather!

Then, we had a camp game named “Seventh Sense” with different interesting and weird at the same time tasks. Actually, it was very fascinating and our tribe did really well there!

During the lessons we’ve tried a lot of new amazing stuff like woodburning, volleyball and so on and for the sport lesson we even got one important additional point (thanks, Keaton, we love you!).

It was also a great pleasure to meet my old counselor – Ben, whom I saw 3 years ago last time, and to hear everything new from him.

To sum up, I want to say a huge thank you for our counselors Alyona and Neks, who are always here to support, and to my favorite “Unstoppable Podorojniks”. We are the best!

Masha Grosheva, 15 y.o., Kostroma


Yo-yo-yo everyone, Mama Alyona is here!)

To begin with, I wanna say that I’m so happy to come back to this amazing place. I can’t even remember, if it’s my fifth or sixth time here, but definitely the second one as a counselor, and I enjoy it a lot. When I was a child I fell in love with MMC, so this is such a pleasure to work here and know all these wonderful people. What’s more, I can’t believe having the “Unstoppable Podorozhniks” team and Neks as a partner, because the are really smart and so energetic guys. It was even a little bit strange to see how we became a real family from the first day. Now we all feel that we are able to cope with any task, and nothing can stop us, because we always work as a team, listen to and support each other.

Today we have started shooting and making our ad, our topic is “Healthy way of life”. Everyone of our team is already full of ideas and emotions, it’s great. At the evening we played the game, which was called “Seventh Sense”, and everyone liked it. It wasn’t the game, where you need to think hard and know a lot, but the game, where you are to guess.

What made our day even more unforgettable? It’s Veronika’s B-day!) We prepared many surprises for her, and she was so happy with it!)

You know what? I have a seventh sense that we are able to win. Let’s check it later 😉

Alyona Satkumbaeva, counselor, 3rd team


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