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Hello, my name is Ivan Voloshchenko and I am the helper from the first tribe. Today our tribe has had a challenge to become counselors. I’ve been working with the second tribe, nearly the oldest one. And that was quite funny because 10 people out of 17 were older than me. But it didn’t look like an obstacle for me and everything was cool. Читать далее…

It was my first experience as a counselor and now I can really understand what our counselors feel when children don’t listen to them, when they are not organized and etc. That’s pretty hard. So if you are reading this article as a member of English+ program, respect your counselors because it is not easy work.

For this day we had a responsibility to prepare a cheerleading dance for our teams. And also we had a handball competition. I was not taking a big part in the dance preparation, and only with the help of another counselor Alla it was done, it was pretty good and I think that everybody liked the process. In Handball competition helpers couldn’t play for the first tribe and that was quite sad, but even without our help my team did it’s best and won a first place.

Also I’d like to thank all my team, some of them were counselors as well, somebody was in a role of sporticus, two girls were leading the workshop and because everybody was working like a team, this day was great.

Ivan Voloshchenko – helper.


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  1. Кедрова Евгения

    Work like a team, my team got the first prise, our team is the best …. That’s what makes MMC Nerehta a special place – team building, team leadership, friendship and assistance.

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