Happy childhood

Hello! My name is Fred Hatsanov, and I am from the fourth team. Today we had a special event, called Social Issue Show Awards. During this event we showed our advertisements. Читать далее…

For our advertisement the problem was “Happy childhood”. It wasn’t easy to make this small video (4 minutes). But I really enjoyed it. It was a nice experience for me. During shooting there was a friendly cheerful atmosphere, so I love it very much.
Also the atmosphere in the evening event was like in the highest class. We had l discussion tables, where we can talk about some serious problems of our world. One counselor from third team played saxophone (it was Neks). I’m sure that he had the same level of playing as musicians in Venice. 
Also today the sunset was really breathtaking.
Speaking about my team I can say that we haven’t won the first place, but I think it’s not the main thing. The main thing that it’s great to stay here in MMC with these wonderful people.
I love MMC and it’s directors, thank you! 

Fedor Hatsanov, Moscow


Hello! My name is Sasha Pinadzhan. I’m the counselor of 4th team. Frankly speaking, it is my first time at this camp as a counselor. Previous times (first time I visit MMC was in 2012) I was here as a participant, and it helped me a lot!
My first and main task here is to make these holidays unforgettable for children, to make them laugh and just have fun. And of course we do not forget about English.
My team consists of the youngest kids, but they’re doing great job all together and I adore them all.
Speaking about the unusual evening event, we showed our social advertisements today. The theme of ours was “Happy childhood”. With kids we decided to shoot an advertisement about one day in life of a boy, but shown in two ways: good and bad. The idea is that you have a chance to choose how to spend your time everyday. You need to cherish your childhood.
The adverts were shown during a great ceremony in the evening. We didn’t sit in the chairs as we usually do for the whole evening while watching performances. The format of this event was special: everyone could walk in the Hall, there were tables with snacks, discussion tables and photo-shooting zone. And one more special thing was that everyone needed to get well-dressed. Almost all my girls were wearing dresses and boys changed their shorts to pants. So everyone looked really sharp.
Summing up, it was a very interesting day and I really hope that the rest of the session will be as exciting and full of great moments as the beginning.

Sasha Pinadzhan, counselor, 4th team


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  1. Аноним

    Sasha Pinadzhan. I suppose you are wrong about the date of your first time in MMC Nerehta! It was definitely earlier! Out first time in Nerehta was in 2009, so 2010 is your first time in the English summer session. And then every year you and your friends participated in summer and winter camps regularly!
    You are the strongest and the bravest counselor I have ever met. I am proud to say (and your parents will join me) that you are one of my brightest students! and I wish you good luck in your work

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