Wonderful beginning |

Wonderful beginning

Hi guys!
I would like to tell you how we spent our quality time yesterday. To tell the truth it was wonderful! We did a variety of different activities. For example: just dance, dodgeball, workshop and so on and so forth. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Firstly when we woke up we had warm up and breakfast. Then during the common meeting we said to Patrick the word, the saying and the tongue-twister of the day. Our lessons started with English where our teacher Richard told us about himself and we did the same. After a short break we had sport. There we played dodgeball, it was extremely active and fun. The last lesson was workshop with Polina who showed us a beautiful shamrock made from clay. We all made a lot of interesting and different things from clay.

Also during stations at options we could choose an activity between workshop and mafia.
Finally the best part of the day, as for me, was Casino event. There we had a great opportunity to try our luck. Moreover we had a lot of fun, dancing and answering the questions. Despite Blue clans defeat, we had positive emotions.

In my opinion this day was full of various events!

Masha Yakshina, 15 y.o.


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