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The course of knight

Hello. My name is Lera. It’s my sixth time in MMC. I’m really happy to being here with all my friends because it is home far from home and I can get unforgettable emotions here. Читать далее…

I was a little bit nervous to be as a helper at this session but it’s a new and exciting experience for me. We are improving our communicating and English skills, our acting on stage and just have fun while preparation. Thanks a lot for this chance.

Today was another great day of this session. Our morning as usual(like morning warm-up, tidying up rooms, then tribe times and breakfast). Also we have lessons every day. On sport it was basketball. I am not good at this but it doesn’t matter because everyone tries to do their best every moment. Tribe time was fine with a lot of games. At craftshop we always do something interesting.

Then exciting English lesson. Also, today we had a Press Conference with our native speakers. We could learn new information about their lives and ask them questions. Another activity was “Roll a Dice”. It’s a kind of game where all teams need to do different tasks. In my opinion, working in a team was very important. My 1st tribe was not the winners but we tried really hard and did our best.

And I’m happy and proud of other teams. They did a great job.

All in All, it is my another beautiful session at this camp. Now we have only ten days before going home and so many things to do.

With love)

Valeria Ishutina, 16 y.o, Zhukovsky.


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