First forest adventure

Hello, everyone! My name is Grisha, I am from “The House of rising sun” team and today I’m gonna tell you about this day which was very special and unusual because we went to forest camp. When we woke up we heard that our counsellors shouted “FOREST CAMP” and after that we immediately go to the keep and have a very tasty breakfast. Then we had courtyard meeting and after meeting we went to “Sosnoviy Posad”. Читать далее…

The trip was very long, but it was exiting. In the train while we were coming, we were listening to music. When we were walking to the forest camp, it started raining but the rain finished quickly so it didn’t spoil our mood. When we finally came to “Sosnviy Posad”, we had a snack. The snack included one apple, a bottle of water, chocolate and one sandwich. After that we had a game could “Capture the flag”. It was funny because I was a leader. Then we had an English lesson. This lesson was the best because this lesson was like stations at option and they were led by all our English nobles: Richard, Cole, Artyom and Natasha. We were divided into three teams and had to complete different tasks made by English nobles one by one. Our team won and we got a lot of sweets. Last but not least, we had a sport lesson – “Shooting and Archery”. I loved this lesson the most. Shura was an instructor of archering. The bows were really hard, so it was hard to pull the string. I hit the target four times. After we went to Misha and he told us about how to shoot the targets. It was really cool because I shot the smallest. Then we had BBQ. I grilled 4 really tasty sausages and a lot of marshmellows. After that we had a football tournament. It was really great because all teams tried their best and hard to get the first place. Our team had third place. Then we had courtyard meeting and a trip to the camp.

When we arrived, we had a shower and after that we had dinner. There were a lot of delicious food. The following event was DISCOOO. Everyone was waiting for this event since the beginning of the session and we all were very exciting. There were a lot of beautiful songs like “Timber” and dances. Everybody enjoyed it. Now I have to go to sleep because I need to have more energy for another amazing day in MMC.

Ovdin Grisha, 14 y.o, Moscow


Hi! My name is Laura, and I’m from New Jersey, in the United States. I major in International Studies at Boston College, where I take history courses and study the Russian language. I wanted to study Russian because I did not know much about the country, and I was curious to learn more about the people and culture. This is my first time in Russia, and so far I’ve seen Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and of course, Nerekhta. I absolutely love it here so far, especially at the camp. This is my third session at MMC, and I am currently working as a counselor, although last session I worked as an English teacher. It’s really fun to work with the kids, both as a counselor this session and a teacher last session, because each role lends itself to a different perspective of how the kids go about learning the English language while also bonding with each other.

This session, as a camp counselor, I am working with another counselor, Tanya. She is the best to work with, and each day, we work hard to keep the kids energized and excited. As each day goes on, you can see the team become more like a family as they work with each other on different tasks Tanya and I give them to perform. To put together each performance, game and activity, the kids must work hard together and feel comfortable sharing their ideas openly with each other. It’s not always an easy task, but the kids learn more about themselves and their friends and make unique memories along the way.

It’s been amazing to work alongside the other British and Russian counselors and staff, and to build so many international friendships. Just like the kids become like family with each other, I really feel like the staff becomes like a family with each other as well. This aspect has been one of my favorite things about MMC, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met such an amazing group of people and to work with such an intelligent and energetic group of kids.

Laura Boden, Knight of the Green team


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