There is no strength without unity

Hello, dear readers! I am Sasha Potaskaeva from The Red House. Today the most wonderful point was that the weather finally changed to better way – it was sunny and warm! So, we had a lot of interesting activities. In our English Lesson, each house had a pre-test. The lords and ladies tried to write tests, which they attempted to pass. Читать далее….

During sport, we had roller surf, which participants had fun with and enjoyed riding. In a nutshell, every team understood that there is no strength without unity! Furthermore, we played team building games during group time. It was amazing and extremely cool.
As for me, this session is my 7th and I am not a typical participant – I work as a Helper. It is not an easy job, but I’m obsessed with it. Moreover, it is my last chance to stay at this splendid and snug place, MMC, because of my age, (time flies so fast… ) And being a helper is a great opportunity to try to lead performances, events; to help leaders of the session; and to work with our teachers. I really hope that maybe one day I will come back to this unforgettable camp as a counselor!
When we had an evening event, I acted as a spy, who stole a stamp (a necessary thing in our Queens Land). And the task for all of the houses was to solve this robbery. To make a long story short, our evening activity was a Sport Festival. We created special cheerleading dances, complete with teams and doing different relay tasks. Each house supported their members by screaming names and mottos. As a result, the Green House won, but other teams didn’t give up! However, the day was saturated with fun and fantastic!
Kisses and hugs,
From Red House

Александра Потаскаева, 16 лет, г.Жуковский


Hi, my name is Katie Smith, and I am from California. I am 21 years old, and this is my first time coming to Russia. I study Chemistry and Russian at the University of California, in Santa Barbara. In my free time, I love to play volleyball and hang out with my friends. This session I was a counselor for Red House for the second time in a row, and it was a blast. Alena was my co-counselor, and I was ecstatic to work with her again. When I heard the news, that I would get the same team and same co-worker, life suddenly became ten times less stressful and more exciting. Coming to this camp, I was so nervous with no idea of what I was doing, but Alena was right there for me every step of the way. She is crazy, with amazing dance moves and the lyrics to every random song she feels like singing. Yet she also is such an intelligent person who understands how to work with kids. Watching her interactions with the kids and the relationships she has built is a sight to see.

The kids themselves are incredible. I had high expectations because my first session here was so awesome, but this team did it again. Red House this session had 21 kids, with 5 boys and the rest were girls. Despite the huge discrepancy, the whole team got along very nicely. Every performance and dance we performed was tough to put together, yet after each and every one they were shining with pride. Watching the relationships grow between these kids was amazing. They not only grew as a team, but as individuals. I cannot articulate it enough, how enjoyable it was to watch the quiet kids loudly share their ideas, the shy kids shine on the stage, and even the independent kids hold hands with others and learn how to work as a team.

When we started this session, there was no definite goals that we set aside, but that made the results better. This session there were several things that tested the kids in Red House, yet they united every time and supported each other. Through tears and cheers, this team really knew how to talk about their feelings and hug it out. This team did it all, and I am so grateful I was present for the journey. The kids taught me so much beyond what I expected. I have learned some stuff about their culture, I have learned words in Russian that I can never forget, and I have even learned ways to better myself. This trip will no doubt cause me to come back to Russia begging for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Knight of the Red House Katie Smith




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