Best birthday in my life |

Best birthday in my life

Hi, my name is Vadim and it’s my second session as a helper here. I really appreciate this opportunity. Helpers team make podvodki, also we do radio in the morning and in the evening and of course we are good example for the others, so we try our best.

Today I have my birthday, in the morning I got a lot of congrats. Usually this day is not very important for me, but in the MMC this day is special, because all the people here try to make this day great for me, thanks to them.

Yesterday we had first part of our final test and today we had the final part — speaking. We don’t know the results yet, but I hope that everything is okay. 

Tonight we had the best disco ever, we danced a lot and had fun. In the end of the disco everyone prepared a surprise for me — I came to the stage and got cake with candles. 

After that we had last candlelight with helpers. We’ve discussed our achievements and results of our work as helpers. Then we had a small party, it was a present from MMC. We ate shaurma and just were chatting with each other.

All’s well that ends well. I hope to return back to the MMC one day, maybe even as a part of staff team.

Vadim Balyakin, 17 y.o. Miami


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