Art is long, life is short |

Art is long, life is short

Yesterday was amazing. We had many activities like every day. Firstly, we randomly chose theme of our squad’s film. We got a postapocalyptic theme with Red Lightning. He is a super hero who helps us during the day. 

Then we had a workshop lesson where we reproduced famous picture using plasticine. Despite it looks very easy, I did only a small part of it. After that we had English lesson. It was interesting and funny as always. During our sport lesson we played basketball and after that went to the swimming pool. 

After lunch we had a nap time. But yesterday, instead of resting, me and three girls from our team were creating the plot of our film. 

During stations at option we were preparing decorations, costumes and make up for our film. We already have some parts of it, but we need to continue shooting. 

In the evening we had an art quiz. We had to name famous paintings, movies and guess hidden parts. It was fun but as for me I’m not good at art. Anyway, we won second place!

I really enjoyed yesterday and I love being there! 

Георгий Рчеулишвили, 12 лет, Москва


Hello everyone! 

My name is Oleg and I am coach of the Green Squad – “Super Floppa” (Floppa is a super-cat, if you know him do a clap!). This is my second session here as a counselor and I can say that it’s really exciting and interesting experience. Few years ago, I was here in the position of helper and realized that I’d like to work here, in MMC, because this place definitely brings me joy and unforgettable emotions. I think that my helper’s experience let me deal with my current position without struggles. 

After working with small kids I thought that it will be a bit difficult to work with teenagers, because they’re much older and honestly I got used to work with young guys… But the reality is way better — this campers are amazing! Very understanding, polite and honest. I think that’s because from the first days we showed them that we are not only their guides, but also friends, who always will be close to them and ready to help at any time.

Our special task for today and tomorrow is to shoot a movie about the principal of the Hero’s Academy Red Lightning in the genre of… Post-Apocalypse. We were really surprised and excited when we learned about it. In my opinion, the most important thing is to let children show themselves from the very best side – their talents, abilities and so on. Girls and boys worked together and showed real team spirit while making the plot, spreading roles and discussing what costumes they are going to wear, what decorations they are going to make… With our help they did a great job and and I’m sure that we will show a great movie at our tomorrow’s evening event – Oscar Ceremony. 

I believe that participants of the Green Squad, our Superheroes, will enjoy this session and get brigthful memories, so we will do our best to make it true.

Stay tuned! 

Oleg Trusov, Coach of the Green Team


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