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My Day Off

Hello! My name is George. I’m from the Blue Squad. I come to MMC Nerehta for the second time and I am enjoying my time here just because it’s funny and interesting for in comparison with other camps. 

So yesterday was an unusual day. We were free and didn’t have to go to our lessons. We could relax and chill. Our counselors gave us our phones for 7 hours. I could check my messages and talk to my parents and friends. I really enjoyed the Guinness Day. It was a competition with many stations where we could try our physical and intellectual skills. For example, I was the winner of “The Smartest”. It was a test of erudition. The prize was a chocolate bar. 

For a conclusion, I want to say that I like this session because it is full of different activities and I am looking forward to be busy again.

George Poletaev, 15 years old.


Hello, my name is Arina and I’m the counselor of the Blue Squad. First, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Higher School of Economics with the bachelors degree in Information Science and Computation Technology.

When I was still at school, I came to MMC a lot of times. I fell in love with this place and so now I decided to return here in the role of counselor.


This camp is very special. Although it is an educational camp the learning process is not limited to the classroom. Children are surrounded by English throughout the day. They spend a lot of time with our native speakers, play games and just mingle with them. I can tell from the experience that it really helps to overcome the most common issue when learning a foreign language — the fear of speaking.


However, the most wonderful thing about MMC is its warm and welcoming atmosphere. I always felt accepted and included here no mater what. So as a counselor I try my best to maintain it. Children have amazing opportunity to be creative and show off their individual talents as well as work together as a team. 


Today was a day of total rest. Instead of the usual lessons, we had a «Guinness day» with various unusual stations where children competed for sweet prizes. For example, children made their beds at speed, walked on stilts and guessed superheroes from movie soundtracks. After nap time we had a Volleyball tournament: an assembled team of campers competed with staff team. Finally, in the evening we had a disco. Everyone had a lot of fun and I hope that today’s rest and relaxation will help our campers to start their lessons tomorrow with renewed vigor!

 Арина Лукина, blue squad


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