“Trade market” in MMC

Hello, my name is Kira, I am from the green team – the house of witches and now I want to tell you about of the most colorful day in MMC! In the morning we had usual timetable, but we did great things. Читать далее…

First of all, we had got forge, where we started doing our notebooks, it was very interesting, and I really like the process! Looking forward for completing it tomorrow. In future we will be able to write something in it. Then we had got an English simple lesson where we only study and also had fun! YES, it is MMC! After these lessons we had sport, where we had to pass the rip stick exam! I pass only two tasks, but I think it does not matter, soon I will have success. I had fun there too! (P.S. Thank you, Egor and Misha!)

In the second half of the day we had stations at options. We could join sport (basketball or floorball), forge, test preparation where we could train listening from different exams (PET, FCE and others) and theatre classes with Egor the King. During the stations I was making posters for my team for trade market, decorating blue porch for horror quest and just having nice time.

And the most important thing of this day, of course, «Trade Market» in the evening! So, our girls and boys had got their own interesting stations, for example, we did a horror quest station, it was really challenging, but not so hard. Person had to find eggs and if you find it you will throw it to the Katie (our counselor). And girls from my team had a station too. They could know your future, because they were fortune tellers! WE ARE WITCHES, so no questions, guys))) Also we had table football station. Other teams had massage station, sketching station, Chilladelphia station and many other very exciting stations. I liked “Trade market” very much.

It was very hard day, but I liked it really much and at last I want to say our moto!!!





Morozova Kira, Moscow, 13 y.o


Hi! My name is Laura, and I’m from New Jersey, in the United States. I major in International Studies at Boston College, where I take history courses and study the Russian language. I wanted to study Russian because I did not know much about the country, and I was curious to learn more about the people. This is my first time in Russia, and so far I’ve seen Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and of course, Nerehta. I absolutely love it so far, especially at the camp. This is my second session at MMC, and I am currently working as an English teacher. It’s really fun to work with the kids and see their English skills improve as the camp goes on.

First session, I was a camp counselor, and I loved that role as well because I worked with another Russian counselor, Olya, and got to see how much work the kids put in with each activity. As each day goes on, you can see each team become more like a family as they work with each other. To put together each performance, game and activity, the kids must work hard together and feel comfortable

sharing their ideas openly with each other. It’s not always an easy task, but the kids learn more about themselves and their friends, and make unique memories along the way.

It’s been amazing to work alongside the other British and Russian counselors and staff, and to build international friendships. Just like the kids become like family with each other, I really feel like the staff becomes like a family with each other as well. This has been my favorite part at MMC, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met such an amazing group of people and to work with such intelligent and energetic kids.

The Noble Laura


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  1. Надежда

    Привет ММЦ! Как же у вас хорошо и весело! Столько эмоций и радости! Заряд на целый год прекрасных впечатлений! Не перестану говорить огромное спасибо всем всем всем ; за вкусную разнообразную еду, за увлекательные мероприятия, за семейную атмосферу в лагере, за теплоту , заботу и внимание к каждому ребёнку!!!! Цените каждое мгновение , запоминайте свои эмоции , новые друзья, новые встречи . Пусть эта смена станет незабываемой для всех!
    Соня за тебя безумно рада и очень соскучилась !

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