The story of the Chocolate Factory |

The story of the Chocolate Factory

Today is the 11th of October.
At first, boys get up and go to play basketball. Girls got up at 7:20 and make up their appearance. Today for breakfast is cereal, milk, tea, cheese and fruits.

After group time we have very interesting activities: Sport, English, Workshop, Oompa-time. Lunch was tasty and after lunch somebody goes to write the script during nap time. It was hard but interesting.

At second Opmpa-time we had first rehearsal. Snack was yummy. After snack we have different stations: Sport, English games and Workshop. During English station we have fun time and play Tik-Tak boom with Mmeso and Miss Di. On sport they play floorball. On workshop they do some prompts for the story of the chocolate factory.
After stations at options we have a rehearsal and then we have dinner. For dinner we eat potatoes with meat, salad and tea. After dinner we have one more rehearsal.

Performances were funny, everyone works good! After the performances we have candlelight. During Candlelight everyone tells about mysterious stories! Some of the stories were very sad and spooky and I was afraid.

Cheschevoy Ivan, Snurnitsyn Semion, Shkurenko Timofey — Red team


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