Last jaunt to Forest Camp

Hello guys! My name is Liza and I want to tell you about the last day in Forest camp and about the last Disco in our session. It’s really sad to realize, that this is my last year at MMC. This year I was a helper, and I think, it’s wonderful!  Читать далее…

Now about my day. We got up earlier than usual. Not everyone likes Forest camp, but I really liked it. In Forest camp we had a usual timetable: shooting/archery, Forge, Team building (Yeah, someone didn’t understand why do we need team building at the end of session. But it is really important to our head counselor to see how we work together and if we became a real team.) The last Forest camp was so soulful. I will miss my Hot Guys, whenever you can recognize. From Forest Camp we didn’t go by train, we walked to MMC. During this small hike I spoke with different participants from our four houses. At the evening we had Disco. The main idea of this Disco was Prom. Every boy had to invite a girl and they would become a couple. For instance, I was a couple with a boy from Yellow House. He was so cute and handsome))) Also I forget to say, that we have something like a competition between couples. And a girl from Blue House and a boy from my Red House have won. Before silence time we had meeting of helpers.
Now I would like to talk about how to be a helper. I already wrote, that it is my last year here, in MMC. And I decided to be a helper. I don’t regret this decision. On Self-management day I was a counselor of yellow house. And they behaved very good. As you know, it is a great experience. Maybe someday I will work in MMC as a workshop manager or as a counselor. I really try, but it is hard to convey all my emotions. Thank you very much! Goodbye!
Elizaveta Ovakimian, 17 y.o., Moscow


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