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Circus day

Today I woke up and me with Max Zhurin went to the radio, because we are radio-helpers. After this we had group time and started to think about evening circus. Of course me and Max took role of main clowns:)))

This year we’re in the team that consists of people from the previous year with some newcomers.

As usual during the first half of our day we had normal lessons such as sport, workshop, squad time and English. On the English lesson we had debates so we’ve discussed different opinions on one topic.

In the second half of the day we had stations at option. Me and my friend Sergey decided to visit yoga station. It was unusual experience, but we liked it. I really want to lead my own station which is called cleaning station.

After that we had rehearsals and in the evening we presented our great shows. Me and Max improvised during the whole performance because we’re clowns. We had only one prepared scene, during the other part we were improvising and also helped our helpers and Red Lightning.

I’m really glad to be in the MMC one more time, because I really like this atmosphere. I like to help staff team and to spend time with friends.

Vov4ik Aleshin, 16 y.o., Moscow


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  1. Антонина

    Браво всем!!!
    Фантастическое представление!!! Спасибо за съемку оператору!
    Все большие молодцы, показывайте ещё!)

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