Welcome to Alenka-Wonka’s World! |

Welcome to Alenka-Wonka’s World!

Hi, I’m Veronica. It’s my 4th time in the MMC camp, but it’s my first one on the autumn session. Today was the day when all members came and all introduced themselves.
So, from the beginning of the program we all went to the Oompa-hall, we have listened a story from Alenka-Wonka and then we have a task in four groups. You should go and find Alenka-Wonka’s helpers with your teammates. But at first you had to help helpers.
After we found all Oompas, we have watched their performance on the stage. After we passed our medical examination and the English test, we go to our rooms and unpacked our bags, also we were chatting with our teammates. We went to our sport lesson and after that we had Oompa summit.
In our camp we have two teachers from Gahna, so they introduced themselves. I really like story from Ladd Prilla and Miss Dee. I’ve known new information about Africa and Gahna.
And then we went to the dinner. After this we had free time. I have walked with my friend from the last session, we also played table tennis. The we had our group time with our team. We knew something new about each other. We have played bingo with facts about my teammates. We went to snack and after we went to prepare for sleeping.
It was the first day, but really cool. I think it would be one of the best session!

Veronica Tsarkova, Red team


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