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Spooky Sounds

Today we woke up at 8.20 a.m. we came to the warm-up. We did exercises in pairs. For breakfast we had pancakes that were very delicious. During the first Oompa-time we learnt new word, saying and tongue twister of the day. Then we chose leaders of the day and started the morning meeting.

After that we went rock climbing, studied English, made clay pins during the workshop and played funny games. Lunch was great! For nap time we were in our rooms and had a chat with girls. Today we created name and motto of our team. So, we are ChocoBabies. Also, during the big Oompa-time we played a lot again and spoke English. In the evening we played the game Spooky Sounds where we danced and sang a lot. It was wonderful! After that we had the evening snack and went to our beds.

I loved this day!

Taissia Kiseleva, Green team


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