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Mr. & Mrs. Zamballa

Hi, my name is Liza, I’m 13 y.o. On this session I’m in Yellow team. Today we had a special day-we had our first disco! In the morning we had our daily routine:warm up, cleaning our rooms and lessons. Then Alena announced, that we need to choose the King and the Queen of our country Zamballa. We choose Masha and Simon. They had an amazing make up-Masha had stars and Simon had Sun. Everybody was so nervous that somehow we lost our script for narrator. So we needed to write it one more time. But fortunately we were in time, so it was okay. Our performance was good and we won an award for the “best make-up”. Then we had a disco, put it seemed so short! After that we were happy, so we didn’t want to sleep. It was a really good day!

Liza Bulatova, yellow power



Hello, my name is Lisa. I’m a chief of Yellow Рower -«Cosmostars». This is my second time at this camp. A lot of energy as usual, amazing atmosphere and many ideas that are embodied in various events. This year’s theme is African country, Zamballa, so all events are related to the 4 powers (earth, water, sun, fire) and saving the tree of life. Today we have last day of immersion-Zamballa Party. Before this party we have little performance for present our Mr & Mrs Zamballa. Every team need speak about your African country, make and present national costumes and dance them ritual dance. Our power presented Masha and Simon, our queen and king of planet “Cosmostars”. Their costumes was made by Arnold..and we have blue cosmic carpet.
Our performance was accompanied by music from the film “Lion king” and African music. It was interesting and unusual both for the children and for the judges. I think the next days of the session will be just as creative and unforgettable!
See you!

Lisa Movsesyan, Chief of Yellow Power “Cosmostars”

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