Call of the Wild |

Call of the Wild

Hello everyone! My name is Olya. Yesterday was a wonderful day. First, we woke up with energetic and cool music. Then we have warmup with our sport instructor Stas as usual. After that we tidied up our rooms and had really tasty breakfast. On morning group time we chose leader of the day and learned expressions of the day. As usual we had lessons such as English, Power time, Sport and Workshop. Later in the evening we had a special game there we have to do tasks in different stations. We don’t know which place we took yet, but our team hope that we done well. It was an interesting and fun day, so all girls from our room fell asleep quite quickly. I really enjoyed yesterday day. We had a lot of cool activities and spent good time with our counsellors.


Olya Mikheeva, Green Power


Good evening
I am Majda Lemallem, I am from Morocco 🇲🇦 and I am currently living in Russia, I have been in Russia for over 3 years now.
Coming to ММЦ and having this experience is too important for me, it’s a new opportunity to practise my English and work with sweet kids.
I have a great partner Polina who helps me a lot and also our kids are just angels: they have the ability to work as a team and they have a lot of positive attributes, for example to be easy going and adaptable with other kids that are absolutely from different families.
Yesterday was a very active day, we had to work as a team, cooperating with one another.
We did a lot of tasks together,and in my point we did just supper team work together 💪.
I look forward to meeting these kids again.
See you)

Majda Lemallem, Chief of the green power



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