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Zodiac signs

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It started as usual. I woke up and took shower, after that we had warm up with Egor and Lena, it was awesome. Then we had breakfast. The meal was really tasty, we had pancakes and cereals as usual. After breakfast we ought to clean up our rooms. After cleaning up we had group time, where we had a lot of fun time speaking about zodiac signs. By the way I’m cancer, if you are interested. After group time we had sport. On sport we played volleyball and for those who played volleyball, Egor said that we could go and swim in the pool. After sport we had English lesson with Nomi. On English we had to write an essay, I love writing essays. Then we made nail pictures on workshop. It was really loud. I made a smile. After that we had lunch. On lunch we had really tasty meat balls with pasta. After lunch we had nap time. On nap time we watched a movie called “Venom”. After nap time we had stations at options. On stations at options I went to Pasha’s station called “Fencing”. Pasha gave us soft swords and we had a medieval festival. After stations we had dinner and then we played a game about zodiac signs. After the game we had snack. On snack we had really tasty carrot cakes and then we went to our beds. By the way I cannot skip the part of this day where my friends and I found a book and read it together. It was great, I had great time here and I’m sad that this session is ending, I don’t want to say goodbye to all great people that I met here, but also I’m sure that I will come back here next year.

Григорий Овдин, 16 лет, Москва


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