Wondering through the forest |

Wondering through the forest

Hello everyone, i would like to tell you about our day.
We had a trip to the forest camp everything went fine. We went to the train station and then after some time of going by train we arrived and had a walk to the forest camp. On the arrival we had a meeting during which we were told about the schedule and rules of forest camp. After all that we had lessons. At first we had workshop during which we have crafted special amulets from sticks and strings. The next lesson we had was sport where we practiced archery and shooting. Then we had a team building lesson — during it we did great. As a last lesson we had laser tag everyone enjoyed it.

Later we had lunch, it was very tasty. After lunch we had stations at option, the amount of stations was big and hard to choose from. As for me, I chose volleyball. We played almost for an hour and a half. Later we had a campfire we were frying marshmallows and sausages. After eating all of them, we had to go back to the MMC. Those who wanted could have a several hour walk and others who were too tired could go by bus. After coming to the MMC we had dinner. After dinner we had the evening event called «Rescue Mission» the goal of which was finding our chiefs, we did our best and found them. After this long day we had a snack and went to our beds.

Sopov Fedor, Blue power



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