What makes you laugh?

Hello everyone! My name is Kate, I’m from Moscow and I want to tell you about one day in the Kingsland. In the morning we had warm up and delicious breakfast. Читать далее…

Then our lessons were started. First lesson is English where we were talking about money and shopping, because theme of the day is trial of trade. After that we had sport. During this we played floorball, I really liked it because it’s very interesting and active game, almost hockey, but in summer! The last lesson is forge. In the beginning we had special meditation, we tried to put good thoughts and emotions into our craft. It was clay bracelet. I hope I will use it and remember all the feelings that I got here.
After nap time we visited station at option. I choose forge where I was making stained glass.

Also during the day we were preparing performance. We had to make laugh East ambassadors who stolen King’s authority. We used parodies of staff. We enjoyed our work, but unfortunately, we took only 4th place in this competition. I believe that we can do it better next time and we are ready for the next trials. See you!
Трегубова Катя, 13 лет, г. Москва.
Yellow House.


Hello, my name is Katie I am 22 years old and this is my third year in a row at MMC, from that alone I think you can tell how much I love it here. I’m studying Russian at Queen Mary University of London. It’s a four-year degree and I have just finished my third year, which involved living in Russia for a full year. I spent the first semester at the Higher school of economics in Moscow, and the second semester at the Institute for Social and Humanitarian knowledge in Kazan. It was a really spectacular year especially since it started with a summer in MMC and ended with one too, not to mention my brief trip here during Pumpkin weekend. I’m not very sure what I want to do after graduation, but I hope it involves a lot of Russian.
This is my second session this year and I have been partnered with the lovely Lera again. She is simply brilliant and so easy to work with I think we make a great team. It’s also amazing because she was a participant in MMC not so long ago so she can really relater to the kids and make our teams relationship stronger. We are in charge of Blue team otherwise known as ‘The house of the rising sun’. Me and Lera try to make group times as fun as possible at all times, but discipline is important to us in our group. We have a greatgroup of kids and we gel really well together we just really need to improve our organisation skills and working more cohesively as a team. But I’m confident we’ll get there soon! Of course, a big goal of ours is to win this session, but failing that I hope we become a really solid team that can rely on each other for whatever we need.
I couldn’t be happier to be here and I’m really looking forward to watching my team’s progression.

The Knight of the blue team, Katie Chaplin


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