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Voodo festival

Hi, my name is Gena, 2 tribe
Yesterday was The Last of The session 5 🙁
It were fantastic 20 days. I was really amazed about our Voodo festival. Читать далее…

I really like our performance, and i’m glad that we won this competition, obviously we didn’t won whole competition, but It doesn’t mean anything, because we were having fun during this days.
There were a lot of sad moments in the end, such as colored hugs, Last camp fire and so on.
My friends and I were really sorry about It. Also our helper Slava did a great job. He was filming us during the whole session and made s fantastic video. As for me it was the best session I’ve ever had. But It won’t be so good without all staff members(Borsh) and All kids (TBB, Unstopable podorozhniks, R2D2 and Fresh Flawless Flamekeepers) 
So thank you for the SESSION, guys
Good bye!

Gennadiy Rashchepkin, 15 yo, Zhukovsky


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